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AYA  Fly  In  -  Saint Omer LFQN France 03 May 2014

It is my pleasure to invite you to the first AYA Fly-in of the year 2014.

The venue.

It will be Saint-Omer this time, a commune in France. It is a commune and sub-prefecture of the Pas-de-Calais department 68 km (42 mi) west-northwest of Lille on the railway to Calais. The town is named after Saint Audomar, who brought Christianity to the area.


The canalised portion of the river Aa begins at Saint-Omer, reaching the North Sea at Gravelines in northern France. Below its walls, the Aa connects with the Neufossé Canal, which ends at the Lys River.


Adjacent to Saint-Omer (or St. Omer) is the community of Haut-Pont (Haute Ponte), the historic Belgian and much earlier, the various French-Netherlands boundary in a number of centuries. There is a small but evident West Flemish influence in the town. Saint-Omer has also some older speakers of Picard or Ch'ti(mi) who are organizing to preserve the language.

How do we get there?

The airfield Saint Omer Wizernes LFQN is only 2.5 km from the town. Intra Shengen flights can go straight, other arrivals have to make a stop at Calais, Le Touquet or Lille for border control. The restaurant "L'envol" at the airfield is well known for its excellent French Cuisine.

Apart from its own historical buildings, St Omer is forever linked to the Royal Air Force and a visit to the Air Services Memorial at the aerodrome should not be missed. Like the Souvenir CWGC Cemetery the aerodrome is technically at Longuenesse.

The town centre is quite compact and not too hard on the feet. The staff at the Office de Tourisme (next door to the cinema) are very helpful.

The main sights.

France voyage gives detailed information about the town of Saint Omer. Don't hesitate to spend some time in this medieval town with  its narrow streets, it's worth a visit.

Another place I warmly recommend is La Coupole at Wizernes, at walking distance from the airfield (2.4km). Open daily non-stop from 9AM to 6PM all year round and from 10AM to 19h00 in July and August. Annual closure from January 6 to 19 included. Average length of visit: 2 hours 30 minutes. Look here for a preview.


For those who wish to stay overnight, Ibis Saint Omer Centre has the best cancellation policy in case of non flyable weather. No cancellation charge applies prior to 19:00(local time) on the day of arrival. Beyond that time, the first night will be charged.

The hotel is situated at 3.5 km from the airfield 2-4 rue Henri Dupuis 62500 Saint Omer. Tel:+33 321 931 111. Please make your own booking.


SAINT-OMER - Saint-Omer-Taxi Tel : +33 609 552 124

SAINT-OMER - Tassart-Dubreu Aa Europ'Taxis Tel : +33 321 981 095 

SAINT-OMER - Taxi Audomarois Tel : +33 321 984 100   

Wine and dine.

Tripadvisor has ranked 52 restaurants in the town. Make your choice!

What's on the programme?

There is nothing scheduled, we plan our ETA for the airfield at Saturday 3 May 12:30 Lt.

Meeting in the Ibis lounge at 18:00, diner at 19:00Lt, restaurant "De drie Kalders" 18 Place Foch +33 321 39 72 52.

Who's coming along?

You are all welcome for a relaxing weekend in this old Flemish town.

Mail to me at André Everaert for info and free registration.

Have already said they're coming:

Nigel Thomas

Arthur Bell

Brian Hogan

Ted van Dam Merret

André Everaert

Gilberte Van Heghe

AYA coordinator Benelux--Grumpy Gang webmaster.