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The Grumpy Honorary List

This is a list in alphabetical order of the men and women who were found worthy to join the exclusive Grumpy Gang.

Grumpy Airbus

Grumpy Albatross

Grumpy Cesspit

Grumpy Cow

Grumpy Cricket

Grumpy Ditch

Grumpy Dragon

Grumpy Easy

Grumpy Farmer

Grumpy Four

Grumpy Foxy

Grumpy Gorgeous

Grumpy Hot-Shot

Grumpy Hummer

Grumpy Knee

Grumpy Lawyer

Grumpy Moon

Grumpy No-Name

Grumpy One

Grumpy Parts

Grumpy Peter

Grumpy Red

Grumpy Santa

Grumpy Scotch

Grumpy Sennapod

Grumpy Shed

Grumpy Squared

Grumpy Stain

Grumpy Star

Grumpy Three

Grumpy Tie

Grumpy Tinkle

Grumpy Trucker

Grumpy Two

Grumpy Vicar

Grumpy Walrus

Grumpy Yorkie