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Although admission is free, I am spending quite a money every year for internet access, domain name, hosting, cloud storage, web update, server maintenance and…………….……food for the chicken.

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Honestly, I have NO idea how much to ask you for, but is a gift of € 10 once a year something you'd be able to consider?

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This is the way Grumpies keep in touch to announce impromptu fly-ins.
It is also a light-hearted forum for discussions on other aviation related topics - internet hangar talk.
Preferred language to display messages: English, German, French. However feel free to use any language you like, Google Translate is our friend!

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6 - Rules.

Rule 1. There are no rules but please remember that anything you send will go out to everyone on the list, some of whom are of a sensitive nature(!)

  • Content

  • The list is intended to provide a simpler way for those of us who already communicate as a group to continue to do so without having to maintain our own individual mailing lists. In particular it is intended to be a way to notify each other of flying plans so that impromptu fly-ins are not missed.

  • Otherwise the content should be restricted loosely to flying related topics and please DO NOT post any large binary files (high resolution pictures etc). We have set a limit of 500k for any message which should be plenty big enough to allow for the odd compressed picture.
    Technical exchanges will probably get a better response if they are transferred to the
    Grumman Gang

  • If you have any problems with the list please e-mail André Everaert  and I will try to sort them out for you.

Fly safe,

The Grumpy Mailing List Administrator,
André Everaert.